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Impactful Learning Solutions
for Employee Skilling


Our Approach

Our three-pronged competency-based approach helps organizations make employee skilling an effective & successful investment of time, money and expertise.

Obtain a list of the employees’ competencies identified by the organization to enhance performance & business growth.

Effectively map the provided competencies to the most relevant titles from our library of over 20,000 courses & videos.

Curate a customized learning path for each competency, based on learning objectives, content type & budget.

Our Solutions

Software Development
Enterprise Database Systems
Web Design
Internet & Network Technologies
Operating Systems & Server Technologies
Productivity & Collaboration
Anti Harrassment
Business Etiquette & Ethics
Communication Skills
Change Management
Teamwork & Conflict Resolution
Health & Wellness
Presentation Skills
Time Management
Project Effectiveness
Professional Effectiveness
Diversity & Respect
HR Law
Hiring & Recruiting
Risk Management
Workplace Violence & Substance Abuse
Legal Compliance
Environment, Safety & Health and Transportation
Vision, Creativity & Strategic Thinking
Ensure Accountability in your Team
Delegation & Empowerment
Engagement & Motivation
Change & Innovation
Performance Coaching
Build a Fearless Team
Results, Motivation & Appraisal
Manage Conflicts & Diversity
Run Effective Meetings
New Manager
21st Century Attitudes
Complex Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Empathy & Emotional Intelligence
Judgment & Decision Making
Manage your Growth & Career
Manage your Wellbeing & Work/Life Balance
Mindfulness & Productivity
Deal with Conflicts
Negotiation & Networking
Persuasion & Influence
Service & Client Orientation
Teamwork & Collaboration
Banker’s Knowledge
Board of Directors
BSA & AML Case Studies
Consumer Lending & Financial Knowledge
Deposit Compliance
Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance
Lending Compliance
Transaction Compliance
Retail Banking
Distance Selling
Sales Essentials
Sales Presentation
Customer Service
Digital Marketing
Finance Acumen
Human Resources
Sales Management