Connecting competencies with business goals

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Today, businesses must be prepared to compete at a global level and we understand the criticality of having a highly-skilled workforce to satisfy the increasing global pressures and ever evolving market demands. However, when it comes to employee skilling, businesses often struggle to find the right approach to address the widening skills gap and become competent quickly and easily.

As strange as it may sound, businesses often fail at their approach towards effectively reskilling and upskilling their employees. As a result, the desired level of productivity is not achieved and the proposed benefits are long from being realized.

Our Approach

At Plethora, we strongly believe that successful employee skilling programs must be pre-defined from the get-go, where the business has identified the skills gap in its workforce, along with the set of competencies it needs to address that gap.

Below are some of the questions that businesses need to answer before beginning the process of skill development.

What kinds of competencies are required?

Where do I get these set of pre-defined competencies?

What specific benefits can I expect?

Our three-pronged competency-based approach helps organizations make employee skilling an effective and successful investment of time, money and expertise

Obtain a list of the employees’ competencies identified by the organization to enhance performance & business growth.

Effectively map the provided competencies to the most relevant titles from our library of over 20,000 courses & videos.

Curate a customized learning path for each competency, based on learning objectives, content type & budget.

Why Plethora?


Our two decades worth of expertise in eLearning and learning technology industry enables us to leverage our partnerships with leading global content providers to offer thousands of high-quality courses and videos covering in-demand topics


We employ an efficient competency framework to map the learning path that aligns the learning to your skilling needs and improves performance to accelerate business results.


Our high-quality content, coupled with the AI-powered UpsideLMS makes for an end-to-end learning solution for businesses, and an enriched and smart learning journey for learners