5 Ways Content Relevancy Can Get Faster Learning Adoption and Impact

Plethora Learning | Blog Author | Mitali Murdeshwar
Mitali Murdeshwar July 08, 2021

In this era of rapid digitalization, there is so much happening in the learning and development vertical. No doubt, employee training is imperative. But amidst personalized learning, microlearning, robust training etc, the amount of content available is massive.

Learners are inundated with learning resources that are just a click away. But the question is: is all of this content relevant to every learner? How does one choose content depending on his or her current needs? This is where content relevancy through content curation comes in.

Content relevancy, as the term goes, means identifying eLearning content that is most relevant for a specific set of learners and contextualizing it based on their needs. Content relevancy needs to be a crucial part of your L&D strategy because it helps learners save time, adopt learning faster, boost their engagement and productivity, and develop a sense of continuous learning.

Filtering through and picking the best and most relevant content is key to designing a more time-effective and targeted training program.

Here’s how content relevancy and content curation can play a significant role in getting faster learning adoption and creating a deeper and more meaningful impact:

1. Optimizes and saves time

Time is precious when it comes to employee training and development, and there’s little chance that employees will dedicate any of their time towards learning and skilling instead of meeting their KRAs and finishing their assigned tasks. By curating eLearning content, you can deliver relevant and up-to-date courses to learners depending on their needs and role. This way, learners get the opportunity to save time by consuming only those courses that are essential to their work.

It helps to have a learning program that seamlessly integrates into your organization’s content strategy and can save you a lot of time. Besides, learners can also easily access their learning resources anywhere and anytime while consuming relevant content.

2. Puts learners at the centre of the learning experience

With the help of content curation, you make your learners the hero of the whole L&D strategy. There are multiple benefits of making your learning programs learner-centered to address their needs and goals. Delivering relevant content lets learners have ownership over their learning journey.

Another benefit of content relevancy and content curation is that it encourages self-directed learning. Through self-paced learning and personal training paths, learners get to pick what topic they wish to learn based on their interests and goals.

3. Encourages employee engagement and collaboration

Curating content for employees is a great way to make them feel engaged and involve them better in the learning process. Given the remote work culture of today where employees have become busier, elements like personalization and customization are the trends to engage employees.

Also, once learners are involved in the process, they can develop the habit of collaborating with their colleagues. There’s a lot that they can learn from each other through mutual interaction and collaboration to ramp up productivity. Content relevancy and curation set the platform for a conducive environment for teamwork.

4. Fosters continuous learning culture

Offering relevant content to learners promotes a culture of learning within the organization. With the help of updated and fresh content, you can enhance your L&D strategy through resources that are directly linked with the interests, activities and requirements of your learners.

Also, many employees are interested in developing cross-functional skill sets. Investing in content curation helps them get access to the right resources which can boost their productivity while keeping them engaged and satisfied.

5. Leads to flexible learning

Content curation offers another very important benefit – that of microlearning. With the help of relevant content, L&D can create microlearning experiences, chunked into categories or learning paths.

Microlearning content comprises of small, bite-sized learning nuggets that can fit into learners’ schedule more easily than formal training. Learners can consume these short, crisp chunks of content when and where they want.

You can partner with eLearning content providers who offer updated, relevant, and curated content to accelerate your organization’s L&D. Content relevancy is the best strategy to engage learners while helping them save time and creating better learning impact.

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