How to Empower Employees & Boost Performance through Continuous Training

Sumant Joshi | Blog Author
Sumant Joshi October 07, 2020

Technological advancements and constant workplace disruptions have ushered in a new era of doing business, one that is increasingly going virtual and remote, and relies heavily on the latest talent and skilled workforce to deliver on the rising demands of today’s consumers.

As the success of any business is driven by the talent and capabilities of its employees, it is evident nowadays why more and more organizations are taking to online training and upskilling and reskilling of their employees. Also, because hiring from outside is not always a practical solution to every skill gap challenge that crops up in a certain business function.

Now, there are literally myriad ways of training and developing your employees, new or existing, so that they truly understand their role and develop their capabilities to improve their performance and productivity as they progress in their career.

Dough White, Entrepreneur, Consultant and a Speaker, writes on Entrepreneur that, “We are huge proponents of training and developing workers. Well-trained staffers produce higher quality work, less scrap and less wasted time. They're better prepared for future challenges and additional roles in your organization. According to Doug, ‘business is about figuring out what to do and getting people to do it’. Cleary then, focusing on these two objectives makes more business sense, while the third objective that can now be added is continuous employee training.

Boosting Performance & Productivity through Training

A Gallup study suggests that workgroups engaged in continuous employee development witness an increase in sales and profits compared to those that don’t do it at all. Continuous training and development of the workforce leads to better engagement, which in turn leads to improve business performance.

So, in effect, identifying skills gap in your organization and newer ways of delivering the right training will indubitably help a business grow in the future, while assimilating traditional learning techniques with innovative learning platforms and a creative blend of training delivery will all ensure that your employees are skilled today and in the future.

However, there is no stop-gap solution to address a dip in productivity through employee training, while a one-size-fits-all approach to training often comes down to a tick-the-box exercise that burdens the already under-pressure employees. Fortunately, by adopting continuous learning and leveraging the right tools and solutions, businesses can surely take a step in the right direction.

Today, businesses are increasingly opting for that perfect synergy of an innovative learning platform and a comprehensive library of high-quality and ready-to-use online courses. This is the closes one can come to addressing the skills gap, offering continuous learning and doing it without incurring astronomical costs of custom content development. However, a prerequisite to this surely is the training objective, a training plan to achieve that objective and a strategy to make the most of your training programs.

The current pandemic has certainly highlighted the need of virtual environments and digital tools and solutions, not in a single but in almost every business function, then be it Sales, IT or HR and L&D. And, as businesses prioritize continuous employee development in times of uncertainty, online solutions like a SaaS Learning Management System or a Learning Experience Platform, coupled with in-demand skilling courses stand to offer a ready package of proven effective learning delivery mechanisms.

At Plethora, we understand how incredibly difficult it can be to find the right solutions to close the rising skills gap, and offer a range of Plans to help businesses not only enhance their employees’ skillset now but also future-proof the workforce by providing access to thousands of courses to ensure the right people have the right skills. Our exhaustive library of courses ranging from Leadership, Management, IT & Digital, Compliance and more, helps employees learn the latest skills and enhance their proficiency to perform better and increase productivity.

Plethora Microlearning plan
Plethora Microlearning

Give your workforce the added advantage of bite-sized content and reinforcement learning with hundreds of 1 minute & 10 minute videos for learning in the flow of work.

employee using Plethora Business Flexi plan
Plethora Business Flexi

A carefully curated and customizable plan of thousands of in-demand courses that perfectly aligns with your specific training needs and offers ultimate training flexibility.

employee happy with Plethora Enterprise plan
Plethora Enterprise

A comprehensive plan that offers the best of online learning across technical, business, leadership & behavioral skills to ensure employees are trained on all the core skills.

employee happy with Plethora Universe plan
Plethora Universe

A plan that opens up a universe of learning for your employees with access to a growing collection of diverse content on competencies you need today and tomorrow.

Successful businesses know the value of empowering employees by providing them with growth opportunities through continuous learning, and now is the best time to explore online learning solutions to help employees explore newer skills and prepare for the future of work.

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