Interview with Maritza Toro, Channel Partnership Manager at BizLibrary

Sumant Joshi | Blog Author
Sumant Joshi June 10, 2020

Maritza Toro is a Channel Partnership Manager at BizLibrary, a leading provider of online employee training and eLearning solutions, dedicated to helping organizations enhance business performance by improving the way their employees learn.

In this brief and insightful interview with Plethora, Maritza discusses employee skilling trends, the effectiveness of video-based learning and the most important skills needed for businesses to achieve a competitive advantage.

The demand for skills training is growing rapidly across industries. In your experience, how has the employee skilling trend shifted from a good-to-have to a must-have?

Organizations are becoming much better at determining and mapping the best skills for all the roles within their company. It’s only fitting they would be able to better identify which skills are good-to-have, and which skills are required. It’s also worth mentioning that organizations today are more innovative than they ever have been before which sometimes requires them to quickly shift course. To do this successfully, employees may need to be reskilled for different roles which would require new training. Reskilling may need to happen quickly and be dire for the business to move forward.

What are the most important skills for businesses today to achieve a competitive advantage?

That is the golden question, isn’t it? I would say, of course, it depends on the business and the industry. However, recent circumstances would indicate companies and employees who excel at being agile and collaborative are better suited for continuity. There are certainly other skills that tie into these, but I’d say that organizations who can work as a team and stay nimble are going to thrive.

Video-based learning has been a popular format for many years. What do you think makes video courses the go-to option for employee skilling?

Josh Bersin has described modern learners as distracted, impatient, and overwhelmed, and we couldn’t agree more. Technology has enabled us to do things more efficiently but it has also spoiled us a bit. We’re now more aware of the plethora of options that exist and we’re more in-control of what and how we consume things – thank you, YouTube! Video-based training usually strikes a nice balance of being engaging, digestible, and quick to consume, fitting in nicely for someone who is just as Mr. Bersin described.

In terms of procuring learning content, how do L&D leaders benefit from leveraging an online content library?

An off-the-shelf, online library is great for L&D leaders who don’t have time to create training for every skill they want/need to train on. It’s a fast-track to getting training to the people who need it, right in their time of need.  It saves a learning and development professional time, resources, and often budget!

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