Learning & Development: The Next Two Years

Amit Gautam
Amit Gautam December 23, 2020

The year 2020 has witnessed an unprecedented tech adoption across global businesses who have gone ‘digital’ in the wake of social restrictions. And, trends suggest that this tech and digital adoption is only going to accelerate beyond 2020 and usher in a new era of work in the digital world.

However, in such a fast-changing business landscape, the widening tech skills gap between industry demands and the skills existing within the workforce today has made tech upskilling critical for every industry and function.

In our latest roundtable with industry peers and reputed HR and L&D leaders titled L&D: The Next 2 Years, we talked about some of the upcoming trends, rising industry demands in terms of talent development and closing skills gap, and how organizations need to be future-ready to move towards future-focused jobs to build a competitive and successful business.

As global organizations embrace and embed ‘digital’ into their employee capability development and talent development and skilling interventions, we discussed and deliberated on the future of corporate learning, eLearning content, the tech stack, and the entire ecosystem.

Here are some of the key themes emerging for L&D in the next 2 years:

  • Learning Journeys 2.0

Aligning training to specific business demands and desired outcomes is a must for the success of any training program, which is why blending functional, digital as well as soft skills training into the business context will become a priority.

  • Engagement v Efficiency

Learning engagement depends on a range of factors, including content relevancy, course design, platform compatibility, UI-UX etc., but one of the better ways to drive engagement by offering the highest-quality training through world-class course design, star power and credentialing

  • Personalized Learning

With the advent of AI in learning platforms, personalization will play a dominant role. Crisp and focused content, available in variety of learning formats can be deployed on multiple platforms, and will be in demand going ahead

  • Macro v Micro

Learning will be prioritized on two levels, macro and micro; one is leadership development at a senior level and the other hyper-personalized using AI and ML at baser levels

  • Facilitator Centric v Learner Centric

L&D must move from being facilitator centric to learner centric in today’s increasingly personalized world, with the key differentiator being how learning is relevant to the role and how to instill curiosity

  • Digital Adaptability

With digital transformation sweeping across industries and functions, digital adaptability must be looked at with an organizational context and uniqueness

  • Neuro-agility

To build learning resilience and adoption, the key realization is neuro-agility, which is the idea of looking at oneself holistically, by developing both analytical and relationship styles

  • Learning Resilience

Building resilience with purposeful engagement to create a culture of curiosity, leveraging all the new-age tech tools

It was a very thought-provoking and insightful discussion to say the least, and I look forward to helping organizations with new-age tech solutions and world-class learning content going into the new year.

You can view the entire recording here.