5 Ways to Plug Capability Gaps with Ready-to-Use Curated Courses

Plethora Learning | Blog Author | Mitali Murdeshwar
Mitali Murdeshwar June 09, 2021

As workplaces have changed substantially, no organization can afford to ignore plugging in the gaps in capability development. With digital transformation leaving some big footprints, upskilling employees for capability development is becoming more and more of a priority.

In fact, the recent crisis has been a wakeup call of sorts for businesses that a more capable workforce is imperative to build resilient companies. Moreover, technical skills required for most sectors have become increasingly outdated due to rapid changes in technology and automation. As per the World Economic Forum, by 2022 at least 54% of all employees will need reskilling and upskilling to respond to changing work requirements.

Unfortunately, the traditional ways of learning are hardly the answer now to plug in capability and skills gaps in the current situation. This was something that came to the fore even before the pandemic arrived. Despite the huge sums spent on an array of capability-building programs, the results were not satisfactory. As per a study conducted before the pandemic, US companies had spent more than $150 billion annually on employee learning, but a large majority of this spending did not deliver the intended results.

One of the most effective ways to plug this capability/skill gap is to opt for ready-to-use, curated courses. Ready-to-use, curated courses is content that is created after actively sifting through existing digital online learning, identifying valuable content, organizing it in the right fashion, and making it available to learners.

According to eLearning expert Christopher Pappas, content curation can give the best of results when the three Os are followed: “Organize curated content. Omit irrelevant ideas. Optimize content to enhance the real-world value.”

Opting for ready-to-use courses is a significant opportunity to select content carefully and ensure that key topics are covered in the appropriate depth. A perfect course might be available in a ready-to-use format that just has to be linked to your LMS.

Here are 5 ways in which ready-to-use curated courses can be used to plug capability gaps:

1. Integrating relevant content in LMS/LXP

Every organization requires its employees to possess certain skills and capabilities that are requisite for their roles. This means that you cannot simply offer a whole bunch of ready-to-use courses to all your learners at one go. Ready-to-use curated content curation helps here because it involves filtering the most relevant information, looking at some reliable sources of learning materials, aggregating content about one topic in a single location and then making the content accessible to learners.

Such kind of courses also help present information in the form of small nugget-sized pieces that are useful for today’s workforce that is always short on time (and have a small attention span). For instance, it is vital for marketing professionals to have the best information about updated best practices in content and social media marketing. For them, through your LMS/LXP, you can ensure that you are aggregating articles, short video clips, and PDFs on these topics from ready-to-use courses. You can integrate these courses into your LMS/LXP and offer your learners a hub for comprehensive learning materials which they can use to upskill themselves at their own points of need.

2. Offering content for self-directed learning

It is critical that learners get access to rich learning content which they can consume through self-paced learning as per their immediate goals and needs. For instance, if you want to provide training to your learners on how to handle meetings with their European counterparts, they will also have to be given modules on the culture and business etiquettes of the Europeans (in addition to modules on handling business meetings). Ready-to-use curated courses helps here by offering customized learning pathways that can be given to learners. Such pathways empower learners and give them a chance to track their progress along-side their learning objectives.

3. Creating engaging learning experiences

To provide any effective learning programs (especially those to fill capability/skill gap), the key is to ensure that they engage learners in ways that drive real change. Engaged employees are often known to be more productive than those who are not. Ready to use courses offer a variety of tools to help enhance engagement, like social learning and assessment, videos, gamification etc. Something as simple as a quiz can be more effective than a complex game or interactive scenario. In the end, it is about learning experiences that leverage a combination of tactics to help you meet your goal: providing learners with the training modules that will help address capability gaps.

4. Filtering data as per needs of learners

Not all learners have the same kind of skill gaps, neither do all learners require the same kind of resources. As per a research by the Training Industry Inc, 35% of surveyed participants think that content relevancy is a great challenge for their organizations. Ready-to-use, curated elearning courses are a good solution to this issue. Such kind of courses offer ways to learners to filter information and direct them to relevant sites with the help of keywords. They also provide ways to filter expert opinions on news, features, social media, etc which are also useful to learners.

5. Educating learners in real time, in flow of work

Ready to use courses are also a great way to study and evaluate usage patterns of learners to improve the overall learning experience. For example, most often, learners can benefit from tips, tricks, and best practices in their areas of need. Once you know exactly what your learners’ usage patterns are, you can partner with learning solutions providers who offer relevant content in that area in bite-sized form that is helpful in educating learners in real-time. Such content is easier for learners to consume in the flow of work.

Even though the journey to build capabilities has become a little tougher in the remote-working world of COVID-19, it is important to create more capable workforces. Plethora offers comprehensive plans for ready-to-use, curated courses across domains in the form of relevant & high-quality eLearning content.

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