Why You Need to Harness the Power of Content Curation to Fuel Employee Engagement

Plethora Learning | Blog Author | Vivek Garg
Vivek Garg September 23, 2021

Through the myriad transitions of the recent past and the ramifications of the rapid technological disruption, it’s hardly surprising that the war cry for upskilling has got louder as businesses struggle to keep up with innovation in the workplace.

This, combined with the growing skills gaps, has made it more important than ever to actively invest in robust employee training and development programs as a pathway to both – the growth of the business and the workforce that drives it. For this, the right L&D strategy would be one that keeps employees engaged while ensuring that their learning needs are fulfilled successfully.

Modern learners have a wide range of choices with a massive amount of information at their fingertips. Many of them do not appreciate traditional tedious methods of training that lead them to disconnect and tune out. If you decide to create diktats towards their learning, it’s very likely that your employees may hardly be engaged and the results will not be as expected.

One way to deal with this is to introduce content curation in your L&D strategy where existing resources are utilized in a better manner to enhance the training results. In this article, we’ll look at reasons why content curation in eLearning can help you create a strong L&D strategy while ensuring that your employees remain well engaged.

  • Increases Engagement

The first and foremost advantage of content curation is the way it enhances employee engagement that’s vital to the success of any training program. An L&D program that fulfills learning needs of employees instead of adding to their work increases the likelihood of them having higher levels of engagement.

Curation involves filtering the content to offer employees only the resources that are most relevant to them which provides them access to the most updated information without much trouble. When employees can lay their hands on relevant learning resources with such ease, it naturally keeps them more engaged.

  • Makes Learning Journey Smart and Enriched

At a time when employees already have a lot going on for them in a remote work setting, elaborate and dreary training may find less takers. Many often leave training midway because they feel overwhelmed by the information load that is thrust upon them. With the help of content curation,

you can offer them content that is useful as per their needs, work roles and future goals. This way, the learning experience becomes more personalized and smoother. It cuts down redundant information, while making the overall learning journey smart and enriched.

  • Helps Employees Invest Time in Relevant Learning

While you may be tempted to create a training program with a host of resources to help your employees learn everything related to the topic, the point is, do they really need all of it? The answer in most cases is no, they don’t. They will need only what will propel their growth in their professional and personal life.

Through content curation, you can bring in a focus in the learning which prevents employees from investing too much time into learning. Remember, time is a scarce commodity in the corporate world and has to be invested wisely. Content curation ensures employees do not need to hunt for relevant information which saves their time and prevents them from getting bored.

  • Saves Time and Cost Required For Developing Courses From Scratch

The internet offers a treasure trove of information for employee development. It’s a good option for L&D teams to curate learning programs that align with employee learning goals from existing resources instead of investing more time in building all the courses from scratch.

This saves time as well as money spent on developing the courses and building the entire program. Content curation can also help provide employees with a more streamlined learning experience by integrating with the capability of an LMS to speed up the process of course delivery.



Effective employee engagement is a significant element that decides the success of any training program. It helps to filter content based on individual learning needs and offer control to employees over their own learning. This can ensure that they are excited and motivated to learn, in turn, increasing their engagement levels.

Today, there are a number of eLearning courses available online from leading learning content providers. Among these, providers like Plethora come as customized and curated solutions that take a consultative approach towards solving a business challenge through employee skilling.

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