Resilience, Discipline and Adapting

Sumant Joshi | Blog Author
Sumant Joshi July 22, 2020

Our latest podcast featuring Chris Joshua, the multifaceted and goal oriented Head of Talent Development for Arcolab, a wholly owned subsidiary of Strides Group, explored the value of aspirations and ambition, her beliefs grounded in humanness and empathy, and the motto of 'drive, discipline and dedication' in today's changing times. In this blog, we dissect some key points and learn what it takes to become a successful people leader.

Leadership has long been touted as a must-have skill for employees at several different levels in an organization. And, talent developers are forever on the lookout for potential leadership candidates from within the workforce that can carry the responsibility and successfully lead the organization into a sustainable and bright future.

HR leaders and talent development professionals are extremely critical to ensure the effective development of an organization’s workforce as well as the future success and growth of the organization. However, what about leadership qualities in HR and learning and development professionals?

Be it a newbie training manager with a passion for talent development and enhancing employees’ skills or a CHRO that plans and manages human resources in an enterprise, effective HR leaders are needed at every level. And, as the Head of Talent Development, Chris has had many diverse experiences in her career to understand what it takes to make a successful leader.

Talking about her journey, Chris explains, “I have an innate quality in myself of connecting with people, and I think that has helped me a great deal in my role. Drive, discipline and determination are the qualities that have helped me reach where I am now. And, built in into this is the need for learning new thing, and being resilient in the face of adversity.”

While HR is always at the forefront of talent development and retention, every now and then we come across leaders that are great at finding talented individuals in the midst of skills shortage, and that’s what makes a passionate HR leader. Likewise, it’s the qualities that Chris learnt and imbibed along the way that helped her reach her position, in order to help her organization identify talented candidates for development opportunities.

“The workplace has adapted in a number of ways to cater to employee needs and working styles. Technology has transformed the way we work. And, similarly the mindsets have also changed. Today’s workplaces house a workforce that is spread across different generations, leading to a mindset-change from employee satisfaction to employee engagement,” adds Chris.

You can listen to Chris’ full podcast below. For more podcasts featuring well-known leaders from across several industries, visit Leadership Spotlight.



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