4 Important Soft Skills to Include in Your L&D Program to Make it More Impactful

Plethora Learning | Blog Author | Mitali Murdeshwar
Mitali Murdeshwar October 28, 2021

The nature of jobs and businesses has changed at an extraordinary pace. The need for upskilling and reskilling is more urgent than ever and it’s a challenge for L&D teams to design effective training programs.

While automation has become all pervasive, there is also an increased demand for soft skills. Despite the rise in technologies like AI, there is a growing reliance on skills like good customer service, effective communication, higher creativity and better collaboration. Soft skills training solutions that are modern, scalable and digitally-enabled are the need of the hour to develop an all-round talent pipeline that is prepared for the future of work.

In this blog, we will discuss what soft skill training topics are essential to include in your L&D program to make it more comprehensive.

1.Interpersonal Development

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report had pointed out that interpersonal skills like creativity, complex problem-solving, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence were some of the most important skills necessary in the workplace in 2020. While we may step into a new year soon, these skills are unlikely to become outdated anytime soon.

Interpersonal skills are essential for initiating and maintaining functional workplace relationships. Often undervalued, organizations are increasingly citing soft skills as the bedrock for operational and process improvement and overall business growth. Interpersonal skills affect every area of your business, from networking and project management. Besides, they are a crucial aspect for teams to get along and face less conflict for the smooth functioning of processes. Interpersonal skills also affect overall networking, client relations, and prospect interactions, directly impacting your company’s business goals.

2.Communication Skills

Given the remote/hybrid nature of work, one of the most sought-after requirements has emerged to be communication skills. This comes as no surprise given that especially in the remote working world, in-person conversations are not feasible. Though people may be based in any location across the world, remote workers still have to ensure that they have effective business communication as well as interpersonal communication skills.

Addressing communication in the L&D program is critical to improve the flexibility of internal and external communication programs as well as improving your clients’ interactions with your company. It’s good to club real workplace scenarios with short, gamification learning tools that are engaging, relevant, and can boost employee experience and effectiveness of communication skills training.

3.Leadership Skills

Leadership in its truest form is an in-demand skill in today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, given the urgency for better and more tangible business outcomes. However, one mistake that companies often make in soft skill programs is that they focus entirely on employee learning and hardly consider leadership and management.

A Harvard Business Review survey has pointed out that over 65% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with their team members. This collapse of communication is one of the many skills lacking in management. It’s important that soft skill development comes from the top down so that there is a wholesome effect on the company culture.

It is necessary to arm any business with the added assurance of impactful leadership through robust leadership development training solutions. Leadership development is crucial for a strong L&D program to ensure that the workforce stays consistent with continuous improvement.

4.Critical Thinking

Improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills among employees are necessary to enhance decision-making and business productivity. Skills like these give the workforce more freedom and confidence in their own choices.

Critical thinking also helps employees prepare and embrace new challenges. L&D can impart training for these skills by providing employees with more learning opportunities that they can apply to their real world. Learn-tech solutions like LMes can host ready-to-use courses or Off-the-Shelf courses on varied topics, including Management & Leadership, Business Skills and many more, and help impart training for desired soft skills like critical thinking and problem solving.



A strong soft skill training program can help drive the success of the organization. Given the rapid innovation in technology, it’s more important than ever to let soft skills give your company that competitive advantage.

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