Top 5 IT & Tech Skills Employees Must have in 2021

Amit Gautam
Amit Gautam April 15, 2021

There is just no outrunning technology, is there! As global workforces reel from the pressures of tech upskilling amidst the tsunami of digital disruptions and advanced technologies flooding the marketplace, now is the time for L&D and HR leaders to identify skills gaps and provide appropriate training to their IT and tech employees to level up for 2021.

No wonder then roles based on IT and tech skills have been dominating the recruitment market for the past few years and topping the best jobs and most in-demand jobs lists. Here are few stats that might make the case more promising:

So, now that we know the value of having tech skills expertise in the workforce, let’s look at some of the most in-demand tech skills employers are looking for:

1. Cybersecurity (Cloud)

Traditional cybersecurity has always been an in-demand skill, given the rapid expansion of digital technology use. But, more so, cybersecurity for the cloud is once more a crucial skills, as more business operations move to the cloud, their cybersecurity challenges grow too. The speed at which cloud is being deployed across the globe, it is imperative that organizations will need skilled security professionals to ensure their cloud is safe and information secure. It is understood that one of the most promising security skills in 2021 will be cloud-specific security knowledge with a steep rise in demand for talent with unique DevOps and security operations skills. There are many online courses catering to this skill, especially granular eLearning courses targeted towards tech upskilling.

2. DevOps

Software Dev. Methodologies or DevOps expertise is one of the in-demand skills going into 2021 according to Skills of Mass Disruption: Pinpointing the 10 Most Disruptive Skills in Tech. DevOps has changed how businesses constantly excel at meeting the demands of customers, while successful DevOps teams are those that are flexible and work in tandem with other areas. Beefing up process and development speeds, maintaining high accuracy and an uncompromising approach to security is what defines an expert DevOps professional. Companies are turning to DevOps online courses to drive their digital transformation journeys as well as enhance productivity.

3. AI and Automation

Artificial intelligence is now mainstream and has found multiple applications across industries. While such skills are limited to hardcore IT and development pros, it only restresses the value of having such employees to head more complex and effective AI projects. According to a survey, AI and automation skills bring about rise in productivity and increased employee engagement and satisfaction. The demand for AI and Machine Learning skills is increasing at a rate of 71% CAG through 2025 with leading roles including, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Software Developer, Network Architect, Senior Data Scientist and more. AI and ML online courses have become a staple of tech upskilling today and will garner increasing interest in 2021.

4. Blockchain & Connected Technologies

While blockchain has been historically associated with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin to be precise, it is also a known file storage system, and can be leverage for PTP payments, identity management, banking etc. With more and more industries leveraging blockchain technologies, it is believed to top the list all though 2021. Likewise, Connected Technologies or what we more commonly know as Internet of Things and telecommunications infrastructure are also in high-demand; while fintech skills that leverage blockchain will also see a rise in uptake. Although a niche skill set, companies prefer upsklling tech teams through online courses and eLearning programs to achieve time-bound outcomes.

5. Digital Marketing

The steep rise of smartphone usage and availability of fast internet and digital penetration across the world have amassed a huge demand for skilled Digital Marketers. As the market is saturated with product websites, services and a whole world of enterprise solutions, it only makes sense to leverage digital marketing expertise to rise above the crowd and rank in the top results and attract the right customers. While anyone can take an online course on digital marketing, companies are providing training to employees to foster digital marketing skills in an attempt to drive digital literacy.

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