Business Skills

Critical business skills training to drive performance & productivity

Business Skills Training

Successful and high-performing businesses have long known the value of developing the skills of their workforce in order to compete at the highest level. Empowered by access to effective online employee training programs, an organization’s workforce can achieve higher productivity and become future-proof.

Business skills are a mix of hard and soft skills that are critical for today’s businesses. Organizations want individuals with the ability to align themselves to the short and long term goals, at the same time, delivering consistent performance to drive the business forward.

Our Solution

With thousands of courses and videos, our Business Skills training solutions deliver high-quality learning content apt for continuous learning and development. Our solutions portfolio aligns with the demanding nature of modern workplaces, while our custom skilling paths consisting of pre-defined courses and videos effectively addressing the skills gap, providing a world class, engaging and scalable experience fit for every learner.

Our business skills training competencies include:

Business Etiquette
& Ethics
Communication Skills
Change Management
Teamwork & Conflict
Health & Wellness
Presentation Skills
Time Management
Project Effectiveness

And more...

Give your workforce the added advantage of bite-sized content and reinforcement learning with hundreds of 1 minute & 10 minute videos for learning in the flow of work.

A carefully curated and customizable plan of thousands of in-demand courses that perfectly aligns with your specific training needs and offers ultimate training flexibility.

A comprehensive plan that offers the best of online learning across technical, business, leadership & behavioral skills to ensure employees are trained on all the core skills.

A plan that opens up a universe of learning for your employees with access to a growing collection of diverse content on competencies you need today and tomorrow.

Why choose Plethora Business Skills Training solution?

Thousands of Courses

Deploy on any


Microlearning Videos

Variety of Languages

Cost & Time Savings