Personal & Interpersonal Development

The most in-demand skills in 2020 and beyond

Personal & Interpersonal Skills Training

According to the World Economic Forum - Future of Jobs report, skills like creativity, complex problem-solving, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence will be some of the most important skills necessary in the workplace in 2020. Often undervalued, organizations are increasingly citing soft skills as the bedrock for operational and process improvement and overall business growth.

Our Solution

Businesses can achieve dramatic improvements in several areas of the workplace by providing soft skills proficiency training to their employees in business-critical areas such as, collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking, decision making and communication.

Plethora offers a wide range of online training courses designed specifically for personal and interpersonal skills development. Our online courses empower organizations to not only deliver robust development opportunities to its employees but also help achieve learning engagement and the desired business goals.

Our personal & interpersonal skills training competencies include:

21st Century Attitudes
Complex Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Empathy & Emotional
Judgment & Decision
Manage your Growth
& Career
Manage your Wellbeing
& Work/Life Balance
Mindfulness & Productivity
Deal with Conflicts
Negotiation & Networking
Persuasion & Influence
Service & Client
Teamwork & Collaboration

And more...

Give your workforce the added advantage of bite-sized content and reinforcement learning with hundreds of 1 minute & 10 minute videos for learning in the flow of work.

A carefully curated and customizable plan of thousands of in-demand courses that perfectly aligns with your specific training needs and offers ultimate training flexibility.

A comprehensive plan that offers the best of online learning across technical, business, leadership & behavioral skills to ensure employees are trained on all the core skills.

A plan that opens up a universe of learning for your employees with access to a growing collection of diverse content on competencies you need today and tomorrow.

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Thousands of Courses

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Variety of Languages

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