Making Plethora a one-stop-solution for all your learning content needs are our exclusive content partners that help us provide limitless ready-to-use, off-the-shelf eLearning and mLearning courses on diverse topics that are fast to deploy, easy on the pocket and effective in addressing your learning needs.

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An established leader in online learning and education, GO1 works alongside some of the largest companies in the world covering a wide range of industries and regions. GO1 is committed to providing the best learning opportunities to improve lives through education and training, and unlock positive potential through a love for learning.

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A trusted partner and the leading provider of high-quality and innovative learning content across the world, Skillsoft helps organizations achieve a competitive advantage by offering innovative learning, upskilling, reskilling courses and videos.

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BizLibrary is a leading provider of impactful eLearning courses and videos, which help optimize the workforce and enhance business performance by bolstering the way modern employees learn.

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With over 25 years of experience in corporate L&D market, Learning Planet is a revolutionary online learning content provider for global organizations, specializing in the areas of Sales, Service and Leadership.

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With 30 years of experience in improving Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, and employee productivity through training programs and eLearning accountability programs, Chart Learning Solutions is a performance improvement company that provides an effective, innovative learning solution through the Performance Assurance System - an internationally-awarded methodology researched by CHART - to provide sustainable learning results for each individual.

Strategy Partners

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Levensloop is a people development & performance enhancement consultancy for businesses in a VUCA world. Levensloop helps organizations and their people manage change, so as to enhance their performance in this turbulent, uncertain and ambiguous world.