skilling the distributed workforce
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Plethora’s latest EBook ascertains the urgency of skilling the distributed workforce

April 2020

Technological advancements and market volatility are constantly disrupting almost every industry, calling on businesses to urgently upskill and reskill their workforce to achieve the desired competitive advantage in today’s evolving business environment.

In its latest EBook titled ‘Skilling for the Distributed Workforce’, the new-age online learning content solutions provider, Plethora, explores ways in which organizations can tackle the challenges of reskilling and upskilling their distributed workforce in the face of global workplace disruptions and rapid technological advancements.  

By the year 2028, almost 73% of business teams will be made up of remote workers, while 33% of all full time employees will work remotely, with the millennial generation deemed more likely to become and employ remote workers in the near future. With most employees seeking better work-life balance and less stress that usually accompanies long and arduous commute and time away from home, the distributed workforce or remote workforce is fast becoming the new normal for businesses across the world.

Thanks to the availability of remote collaboration tools and technologies, the number of employees opting for remote working opportunities has soared in the past few years, creating a new and more advanced virtual work environment. However, training the remote workforce with relevant and must-have skills, and helping them boost performance and productivity can be extremely daunting.

The EBook collates comprehensive insights and presents important statistics in an easy to understand manner to help businesses prioritize remote workforce skilling to ensure optimum productivity and business growth.

Today, every industry is facing skills gap challenges in one way or another, and given that there is no outrunning technological and workplace disruptions, highly-skilled and talented labor is the ultimate driving force behind every business’s growth and success. Although all the focus of skilling seems to be on the digital or ‘hard’ skills, the EBook highlights the value of soft skills development in a world of AI and automation, to retain the human touch and the interpersonal value systems built into the organizations.

Some of the topics highlighted in the EBook include:

  • Addressing Remote Working Challenges
  • Tackling Skills Gap Challenges
  • Skills Training & the Distributed Workforce
  • Rethinking the Value of Soft Skills
  • Soft Skills Enterprises Need Most in 2020

The ‘Skilling for the Distributed Workforce’ EBook is available for download here.