Plethora | Leadership & Management training | Infographic
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Plethora highlights the need for Leadership & Management training in its latest Infographic

June 2020

Though the famous adage suggests that ‘great leaders are born, not made’, today’s business environment demands leaders that are born, made, cast, manifested or plain willed into existence, because that’s how critical leadership is for companies in this cut-throat business landscape. No surprises why successful organizations consistently invest in the development of their future leaders as a business strategy.

The new-age online content library, Plethora, has recently released its insightful infographic titled ‘Leadership & Management Skills’ to reiterate the importance of leadership and management training for today’s businesses.

Leadership in its truest form is an in-demand skill today, given the urgency for better and more tangible business outcomes. And, though almost all organizations cite the significance of leadership development and effective management training, most still do not have credible leadership and manager development programs in place.

Today, leadership is more than planning and execution. It demands a certain degree of enterprising capability, in addition to the prerequisite set of skills to be able to effectively navigate the competitive markets to manage and grow the business.

Plethora’s ‘Leadership & Management Skills’ infographic puts the spotlight on some of the must-have skills for today’s leaders and managers, as leadership is one of the most important traits for managers, and vice versa. Needless to say, leadership training is not only critical for business growth and success, but also for the organization’s culture, mission, vision and more.

Some of the most important skill areas covered in the infographic include Critical Thinking, Agility, Creativity, Innovation and Emotional Intelligence. And, with a mere 5% businesses having implemented leadership development programs, the infographic serves as a perfect guide to highlight the lack of effective leadership development solutions tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

Plethora’s ‘Leadership and Management Skills’ infographic is available for download here.