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Plethora introduces a bimonthly email newsletter titled 'Plethora Insights'

June 2020

In an age where information and knowledge reign supreme, Plethora has made it a mission to provide its valued customers and audiences with the latest and most relevant information from across the Learning & Development (L&D) and online learning domain through its recently launched bimonthly newsletter – Plethora Insights.

Although many may be of the opinion that email newsletters are outdated in the age of social media, email newsletters still make for an incredible resource to keep the customers updated with important information and knowledge right in their inbox.

Packed with informative blogs, knowledge videos, podcasts and valuable insights steeped in over two decades of expertise and experience that is presented in an attractive and engaging format, Plethora Insights can certainly open the door to a world of knowledge across the online learning domain for its readers.

Plethora Insights’ bimonthly periodicity will ensure that its readers get all the latest updates from across the industry, along with the opportunity to view and download valuable resources from Plethora, including the latest blogs, videos, podcasts as well as the latest product updates, limited period offers and discounts, all in a single newsletter.

In addition, the newsletter will feature a dedicated section to highlight the most popular and highly recommended courses in the market to help readers make informed decisions on their online learning journey. 

To subscribe to the Plethora Insights newsletter, please visit