Plethora releases a new COVID-19 Pandemic Awareness Training Program
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Plethora releases a new (COVID-19) Pandemic Awareness Training Program

March 2020

Global pandemics are a cause for great concern, not only because of the rapid preventive measures needed to put in place but also due to the massive effect they can have on businesses worldwide.

A pandemic is the result of the global outbreak of any novel or new human virus, partly due to the lack of warning signs and largely due to our little natural immunity to fight the new disease. As a result, the virus can rapidly spread across international boundaries, just like the historic pandemics including the Spanish flu in 1919, Asian flu in 1958 and the most recent H1N1 virus that started in Mexico and spread to over 70 countries within two months.

Since such a novel virus changes and multiplies rapidly, it is nearly impossible to predict its full impact and the only course of action is to adopt the necessary preventive measures. The Pandemic Awareness video released by Plethora with the support of its content partner LearningPlanet, delivers the right kind of knowledge, just in time, for businesses and individuals to understand the severity of a global pandemic, the key differences between a seasonal outbreak and a pandemic, as well as the kind of symptoms to look out for and deliver the necessary to-dos and advice about preventive measures to take to help stop the spread.

Although most businesses rely on preplanned initiatives to tackle any number of healthcare crises, such a unique case as that of COVID-19 requires up-to-date knowledge and quick planning to better prepare themselves for the foreseeable future.

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc across global workplaces, Plethora has provided this video course free of charge for its existing as well as new trial customers, along with making it available for its clients to spread the necessary awareness across the organization. Our Pandemic Awareness video course highlights the necessary steps to be taken to maintain better hygiene, social distancing, and more to help prevent the spread amongst the workforce.

Speaking about the coronavirus pandemic and the necessity to be vigilant, UpsideLMS CEO, Amit Gautam, said, “With this complimentary pandemic awareness video, we hope to do our bit to spread awareness and help businesses take critical preventive measures against the life threatening virus. UpsideLMS has always believed in sharing the right learning at the time when it’s needed to help clients achieve their businesses goals, and we hope to continue this commitment now and always.”

To view the Pandemic Awareness video course, please sign up for our Free Trial.