People Matters Webcast | New Frontiers in Employee Skilling
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Plethora’s webcast on New Frontiers in Employee Skilling to focus on Digital Learning & Content Curation

July 2021

Today’s enterprises are increasingly aware of the importance of employee skilling to prepare their workforce for the future. While 2020 laid major emphasis on improving efficiencies, 2021 is focused on building capabilities to create new values and opportunities for businesses.

A dominant strategy towards digital learning and relevant content for skilling and development has become the need of the hour, and one of the most effective ways for this is content curation to empower employees with the necessary skillsets to perform at the highest level.

In this upcoming webcast titled ‘New Frontiers in Employee Skilling: Digital Learning, Curated Content and Business Impact’, Plethora, in association with People Matters, aims to explore the business impact that strategies like digital learning and content curation can create in terms of addressing skills gaps and learner needs.

The webcast will see Maruti Pandey, Senior Manager L&D, Sannam S4 and Amit Gautam, CEO & Director, Plethora, share their insights on the new frontiers in skilling and the role of curating engaging, personalized and impactful content in bridging skilling gaps.

Here’s what the webcast will cover:

  • What are the new frontiers in re-skilling and upskilling?
  • Why is content the top priority for 2021 in context to reimagining the learning environment?
  • What are the immediate skilling challenges for 2021?
  • How can we make learning more relevant and embedded in the flow of work?

The webcast will be streamed live on Thursday, July 22nd , 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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People Matters is a new-age, niche media organization with a vision to be a pivotal thought leader in the arena of people and work. With a focus on providing the world of talent and work with great insights, People Matters aims to enable talent professionals to have an intellectual point of view and ability to make decisions that create a big impact. It brings the talent fraternity abreast with new ideas, trends, technological innovations, expert viewpoints and new pathways that raise its collective consciousness and help in finding all the answers pertinent to people and work.